1. Save the map
  2. Help about the map editor
  3. Terraformation mode to change the landscape
  4. Block mode: list all the blocks of the environment
  5. Paint mode: used to change the image on panes and others blocks like them
  6. Item mode: List all the items available in the title pack and/or in the folder Documents\Maniaplanet\Items
  7. Macroblock mode: Allows you to add a previous registered macroblock in the map
  8. Delete the block targeted
  9. Undo/Redo
  10. Select the block targeted on the map
  11. Copy/paste mode
  12. Switch to freelook mode
  13. Underground mode: Allows you to see/add blocks underground
  14. Offzone tool: Allows to add offzone in your map (for Shootmania only)
  15. Plugin mode: Allows you to create/run plugins for the editor
  16. Blocks/Items lists
  17. Advanced mode: Gives you extra features for the map editor
  18. Mediatracker: Useful if you want to create a video introduction for your map or if you want to change the mood or the vision of the players
  19. Test mode: Test your map, can be loaded with a specific gamemode
  20. Validation state: Gives the state of the validation for the map
  21. Select the current maptype
  22. Edit the properties of the blocks of the map
  23. Name of the map
  24. Name of the author
  25. Size of the map
  26. State of the map

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  1. Set the MapType of the map
  2. Set the map objectives
  3. Edit the thumbnail of the map (used in the maplists)
  4. Edit the comments of the map
  5. A music can be played with this specific map instead the Maniaplanet or Shootmania default musics. The file must be in .ogg format.
  6. Creates shadows on the map. Higher quality shadows result in more accurate shadows.
  7. Test the map with a specific gamemode
  8. You can protect your map with a password if you don’t want your map to be edited by someone else.
  9. Allow you activate several experimental features like the Air Mapping, the Mix Mapping and the Item Embedding. Those features are experimental because the maps created with one of these features might not work after an update.

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Freelook mode (Hold ‘Alt’)

Hold left mouse button : Move around

Hold right mouse button : Look around

Mouse wheel : Zoom In/Out


Building mode

Left mouse button : Place a block

Hold Left mouse button : Draw roads or terrain

Right mouse button : Rotate a block

Mouse wheel : Raise/Lower block

Enter : Enter racing mode

F1 : Terraformation mode

F2 : Block mode

F3 : Skinning mode

F4 : Item mode

F5 : Macroblock mode

X : Eraser tool

U : Undo last modification

R : Redo last undone modification

Left Ctrl : Picker tool

C : Copy/Paste mode

O : Edit Offzone

P : Plugins mode


Building item mode

In normal mode, items use a grid to be placed.

Press F4 when you are already in the item mode to activate ghost mode. Items can now be placed anywhere on the map.

Be careful as some texture bugs can appear when combining blocks in the ghost mode.


Arrow keys : Rotate items in the Axe X or Y

+/- : Rotate items in the Axe Z

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A maptype is a file that lists all the blocks that are required to be able to play the map in a specific gamemode. However, a gamemode can work with multiple maptypes if the creator of the gamemode has allowed it.

To change the maptype of a map, you just need to click on the name of the maptype in the editor and a window will open listing all the maptypes available on your folder Documents\Maniaplanet\Scripts\MapTypes (and then \Shootmania or \Trackmania depending of the environment, create it if it doesn’t exists). The maptype can be forced if you create a map from a Title Pack.

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ADD MOD (Environment) (.zip)

2 mods are included with ManiaPlanet : Default / Nice Day.

You can also use mods created by the community.

Place the .zip here : Documents\Maniaplanet\Skins\Storm\Mod

Check ManiaPark to find other mods.

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ADD PLUGINS (Script.txt)

ManiaPlanet has some plugins already, but you can also use plugins created by the community.

Place them here : Documents\Maniaplanet\Scripts\EditorPlugins

Press P to access the Plugin Mode and select the plugin you want to use.

Personally, I use CursorCoords which allows you to see the actual position of your cursor in the space.

4 Plugins are included with ManiaPlanet : AutoUnderground / BlockModelInCursor / CursorCoords / LatestBlocks.

Check the forums to find other plugins.

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INTEGRATE ITEMS (Item.gbx) / PACKS (Pack.gbx)

Titlepacks can include some items, but you can also add items created by the community.

Place them here : Documents\Maniaplanet\Items

Make sure you unzip the files. You can also create a folder to keep things organised.

For the files pack.gbx, place them here : Documents\Maniaplanet\Packs

Check the forums or ManiaPark to find other items/packs.

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Some blocks can be painted.

For example, place a tree on the map and select the Skinning Mode.

You can now click on the tree and edit its style.

A minority of blocks can be altered.

You can experiment with lights, advertisements, podium, bunkers…

If you want to use your own skin, make sure you have a locator to make it visible for other players.

Also, players must have P2P active in the launcher for skins to work.

You can check the “Locator” part of the tutorial if you don’t know how they work.

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MEDIATRACKER (intro, text, effects, outro…)

Go to MediaTracker page!

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