Hello and welcome!


I am ‘Aurel’, a ShootMania player since April 2013. I’ve spent the majority of my time on the Obstacle gamemode, but also played others like Battle, SpeedBall…

I quickly became interested in the creation tools of ManiaPlanet like the map editor, replay editor…

Since Obstacle is a mode that never stopped evolving and where creations can be diverse and varied, I’ve acquired a good deal of knowledge from the point of view gameplay, design as well as creations.

This is why I present to you this site/blog that groups sections like learning movement, the properties of blocks, the map editor, the mediatracker, mix-mapping, new content that can be integrated to the game with items, mods, and finally, a section on useful links.

Feel free to contact me if you have ideas of content that could be added, improved or if you find a mistake.

Many thanks to ‘Ville‘ for the English translation of the site, ‘hero‘ for his participation in the Obstacle videos, ‘Chillybilly‘ for his feedback, ‘Marlburrow‘ for hosting the site and the whole Obstacle community that I had the chance to grow with.

Many thanks to ‘Demented‘ & ‘Wawawawu‘ for the English translation especially for the Mesh Modeler page.